Beyond Standard Model Phenomenology at the LHC by Priscila de Aquino

By Priscila de Aquino

This thesis presents an creation to the physics of the normal version and past, and to the equipment used to examine huge Hadron Collider (LHC) info. The 'hierarchy problem', astrophysical facts and experiments on neutrinos point out that new physics should be anticipated on the now obtainable TeV scale. This paintings investigates extensions of the traditional version with gravitons and gravitinos (in the context of supergravity). The creation of those debris in organization with jets is studied as the most promising avenues for gaining knowledge of new physics on the LHC. complex simulation ideas and instruments, similar to algorithms permitting the computation of Feynman graphs and helicity amplitudes are first built after which employed.

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Sci. 173(953), 211–232 (1939) 5. T. Han, J. -J. Zhang, Kaluza-Klein states from large extra dimensions. Phys. Rev. D 59(10), 28 (1999, hep-ph/9811350) 6. J. Donoghue, Leading quantum correction to the Newtonian potential. Phys. Rev. Lett. 72(19), 2996–2999 (1994, gr-qc/9310024) 7. G. Dvali, M. Redi, Black hole bound on the number of species and quantum gravity at CERN LHC. Phys. Rev. 4344) 8. G. Dvali, Black holes and large N species solution to the hierarchy problem. Fortschr. Phys. 2050) 9. G.

2 Warped Extra Dimensions Several branches of extra-dimensional theories have been suggested since ADD was first proposed. Various scenarios can be created by considering different particles in the bulk, or different higher dimensional space-time metric. Within this line of thought, L. Randall and R. Sundrum have proposed an alternative to the ADD scenario to address the hierarchy between the electroweak and Planck scales [19, 20]. 41) ds 2 = g M N d x M d x N , where again upper case indices represent the full set of coordinates or M, N = 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, and gM N = gμν 0 0 1 = e−2k|y| ημν 0 .

1 Definition of the parameters Cμνρσ , Dμνρσ , E μνρσ , Fμνρσλ and G μνρσλδ using the notation introduced in Ref. [5] Cμνρσ Dμνρσ (k1 , k2 ) E μνρσ (k1 , k2 ) Fμνρσλ (k1 , k2 , k3 ) G μνρσλδ = ημρ ηνσ + ημσ ηνρ − ημν ηρσ ; = ημν k1σ k2ρ − [ημσ k1ν k2ρ − ημρ k1σ k2ν + ηρσ k1μ k2ν + (μ → ν)]; = ημν (k1ρ k1σ + k2ρ k2σ + k1ρ k2σ ) −[ηνσ k1μ k1ρ − ηνρ k2μ k2σ + (μ → ν)]; = ημρ ησλ (k2ν − k3ν ) + ημσ ηρλ (k3ν − k1ν ) + ημλ ηρσ (k1ν − k2ν ) + (μ → ν); = ημν ηρσ ηλδ − ημν ηρδ ησλ + ημρ ηνδ ηλσ + ημλ ηνσ ηρδ − ημρ ηνσ ηλδ − ημλ ηνδ ηρσ + (μ → ν) .

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