Atheism (A Brief Insight) by Julian Baggini

By Julian Baggini

Is a existence with out faith one with no values or function? Julian Baggini emphatically says no. He units out to dispel the myths surrounding atheism and to teach the way it might be either a significant and ethical selection. He without delay confronts the failure of formally atheist states within the 20th century, and offers an highbrow case for atheism that rests as a lot on reasoned and optimistic arguments for its fact as on detrimental arguments opposed to faith.

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It is true that some individuals are convinced that they have been contacted by loved ones via mediums. However, such personal convictions cannot make for good evidence. People have many deep emotional needs that can contribute to a willingness to believe which in normal circumstances might be considered gullibility, but in the case of bereavement really deserves a more sympathetic name. ” Ghosts are even less convincing, and near-death experiences also fail to provide any good evidence that we can survive death.

Many events in nature are extremely unpredictable. But none of this unpredictable behavior breaks natural laws. Freak weather is not uncaused weather. We all of us make this assumption about the uniformity of nature, every minute of the day. Even if you are just sitting down doing nothing, you relax in the assumptions that gravity is not about to stop keeping you sitting down, that the material the chair is made of will not suddenly turn to liquid, and that the tea you’re drinking won’t suddenly poison you.

That is to say, if you inhibit or damage an area of the brain that is correlated with a particular form of conscious activity, that conscious activity will cease. (More bizarrely, if you stimulate certain areas of the brain you can sometimes induce involuntary conscious activity. ) And although we cannot look into the minds of others, when their brains cease functioning they certainly stop displaying all the signs of conscious life. If any one thing distinguishes us as individual persons then that must be our capacity for consciousness and rational thought.

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