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Now we come to you and I and our work with Creative Visualization. As we are not the same as the Paris rag picker in the manner of our resources OUR PROBLEM IS MUCH GREATER THAN HIS WAS! He Knew exactly where he stood and we do not know exactly where we stand. Most all of us have SOMETHING. I said before that most of us were “middle class” although there is a lot of argument as to what that means. I mean that we are neither rich nor poor but all the way from fair-off to affluent. IF YOU ARE NORMAL THEN YOU WANT TO BETTER YOURSELF, THAT IS BETTER YOUR MATERIAL CONDITIONS.

I have no good name for this Law and so I have to give it a name myself. I have named this seventh Law of Creative Visualization – The Occult Law of the Barrier. An understanding of this Law will enable you to work the Art of Creative Visualization a little more perfectly. In the use of the Art of Creative Visualization methods to get what you want, much confusion exists about the use of verbal words as against symbol pictures. There appears to be two schools of thought about the use of verbal words as against picture symbols and neither of the two schools seems to know too much about it conclusively.

Now the reason for this is – In relation to our plane the next inner plane is reversed to this one!! Then the next inner plane is reversed to that one!! And so on down to the end of the planes as far as the physical cosmos is concerned! Or to say it in a more simple way, each inner plane is inside out to each other. WHAT IS COMING HERE IS GOING THERE! Here is a simple illustration, rather too simple in a way, but try to understand it thoroughly. Let us, for example, say that on our physical plane we plan to go for a picnic.

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