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His Recueil d'Antiquités in 1752; D. Le Roy, the author of Les Ruines ments de Romane (1748) and marked the calm afFirmatory period of an tradition. Ten attitude Carceri (1750) founded upon years later Delia Magnijxcenza ed Architettura de' Romani (1761) and Parère su I' Architettura (1765) were shots in a polemic war waged against adversaries comprising principally the Scots painter Allan Ramsay, who wrote a pamphlet en- The Investigator, a Dialogue on Taste, and two Frenchmen, Roy and J. P.

True, Gavin Hamilton, who was also a great connoisseur had painted an Andromache weeping over in 1765, 54 figures; 48 vases, Body of Hector back and David later remembered the gesture of one of his true, Benjamin West had produced an Orestes and Pylades as early as 1756. 53 the of Etruscan more than But who would remember them any André Vincent's President Mole attacked by Frondists (1779), if the Roman miUeu were not being studied today because of David and his Oath of the Horatii (1785)? The showing of this canvas in the painter's studio at Rome was a remarkable event.

A. VINCENT (1746-1816). President Mole Attacked by the Frondists. 1779. Palais Bourbon, Paris. 53. People had been issuing editions of Palladio for two cen- But now, turies. since 1738 at Herculaneum and since 1748 at new material that Pompeii, excavations were unearthing really the investigators tended, naturally enough, to disperse. much more, is antiquarians What was driving along unknown paths. It was not the inquisitiveness of this period — the real ones — necessary to search the bed of the bay of Naples in order to monuments discover wonderful revealing, not nuances of style, but an antiquity suddenly enlarged, the remote but authentic source of all values.

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