Anticipating the advent : a brief history of Seventh-Day by George R. Knight

By George R. Knight

Ebook through Knight, George R.

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Certainly a more humble beginning for a publishing venture could hardly be imagined! ” Looking back at the experience, he later wrote: “We sat down to prepare the matter for that little sheet, and wrote every word of it, our entire library comprising a three-shilling pocket Bible, Cruden’s ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 4 Condensed Concordance, and Walker’s old dictionary, minus one of its covers. . ” Destitute of means, White sought out a non-Adventist printe who printed an eight-page paper for a total stranger and waited for his pay until contributions filtered back from the hoped-for readers.

Meanwhile, by 1848, as we saw in chapter 2, the small group of Sabbatarian leaders had come to agreement on a set of basic doctrines and believed they had a responsibility to share their beliefs with those Adventists who were still suffering from confu­ sion concerning what had taken place in October 1844. The Sabbatarians chose a typically Millerite approach for sharing their beliefs. They organized a series of conferences to discuss the issue. These semi-informal conferences should be seen as the first organizational step in the development of Seventh-day Advent­ ism.

The third angel is leading out and purifying a people, and they sb-ould move with him unitedly.. . ” That is a remarkable statement in that it highlights the facts that ( 1) God works with groups (churches) and not just individ­ uals, (2) God is patient in His leadership, and (3) present truth is dynamic and progressive—those truths that are divisive in one period of a church’s history may become important once other issues are cared for. Thus it was with health reform. Once the doctrinal and 58 ANTICIPATING THE ADVENT organizational steps were in place, lifestyle issues (including health reform) became the next step in the development of Adventism and present truth, Truth is progressive.

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