Anglo–American Microelectronics Data 1968–69. Manufacturers by G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

By G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

Anglo-American Microelectronics facts 1968-69, quantity : brands R-Z offers details at the good points of the layout, development and alertness of microelectronic units. The booklet discusses the positive aspects of the layout, development and alertness of radiation built-in circuits; Raytheon built-in circuits; RCA built-in circuits; and Signetics built-in circuits. The textual content additionally describes the positive factors of the layout, development and alertness of Siliconix built-in circuits; Sperry built-in circuits; Sprague built-in circuits; and STC thick movie circuits. The gains of the layout, development and alertness of Stewart-Warner micro circuits; Sylvania built-in circuits; Texas tools semiconductor networks; and transitron built-in circuits also are encompassed. The booklet additional tackles the good points of the layout, building and alertness of Varo hybrid movie built-in circuits; Welwyn thick movie and skinny movie resistor networks; Westinghouse built-in circuits; and Zeltex hybrid built-in circuits. Designers, purchasers, and clients of microelectronic units will locate the booklet necessary.

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These tests are performed periodically on at least one lot of every circuit family produced during that period. If still criteria higher levels can be added of reliability are required, additional to the basic Reliability Program at nominal cost. 1578 RD-208 (Contd) RADIATION I N T E G R A T E D CIRCUITS TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS 1579 Continued RADIATION RD-209 DUAL 4-INPUT GATED LINE DRIVER (BUFFER GATE) The integrated circuit covered by this data sheet forms part of Radiation's family of DTL circuits intended for use in ultra highspeed, low-power digital systems.

Axis TESTS PERFORMED PRIOR TO FINAL ELECTRICAL TESTS: Temperature Cycling: 1/2 hour min. (« - H 5 0 ° C (3 Cycles) 5 min max. («, + 25°C 1/2 hour min. («> - 65°C TABLE II - GROUP A. TYPE ACCEPTANCE TESTS SUBGROUP TEST CONDITIONS LTPD MAX. ACCEPTANCE NO. A1 Visual and mechanical inspection Per MIL-STD-750. Method 2071 10 4 A2 A3 + 25°C DC parameters Note 2 10 4 + 25°C DC parameters Note 2 10 4 A4 + 125°C DC parameters A5 A6 - 5 5 ° C DC parameters -I- 25°C AC parameters Note 2 Note 2 Note 3 15 15 10 4 4 4 ~1 1 TABLE III - GROUP B ENVIRONMENTAL TESTS TEST SUBGROUP SPECIFIC CONDITIONS LIMITS MIL-STD-750 METHOD SYMBOL I B1 1 B2 Physical Dimensions See TO-84 Outline MIN.

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