Ancient Building Technology, Volume 3: Construction (2 by G.R.H. Wright

By G.R.H. Wright

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G. at Baalbek and Bziza in the Lebanon (v Heisel, pp. 208–13). g. of brick arches in concrete domes). e. lobate, “umbrella domes”). The survival of survey drawings incised on stone slabs for public record, together with the survival of architectural detail drawings incised on masonry blocks, whereas, on the other hand, there is no surviving evidence of building plans made as project drawings points to a common sense conclusion. Project drawings (which must be portable) were made on fugitive materials.

North Yemen. 20th Century AD. 328. Mureybit. Plastic Mud Walls with inset stones. Syria. ca 7000 BC. 329. Ganj Dere. Formative, Experimental Mud Brick Walling. Western Iran. ca 7000 BC. 330. Jericho. Earliest Neolithic Hand Modelled Mud Bricks—Cigar Shaped Bricks. Palestine. 8th Millennium BC. 331. Jericho. Earliest Neolithic Hand Modelled Mudbrick Construction and associated planning details. Palestine. 8th Millennium BC. 332. Tuleilat el Ghassul. Hand Modelled Mud Bricks set in both header and in stretcher bond.

369. Varied Mud Brick Arcuated Construction, including Dome at Gizeh. 370. Corbelled Mud Brick Dome over Round Plan and over Square Plan. 371. Pitched Mud Brick Barrel Vaulting at the Ramasseum. Thebes. 19th Dynasty. 372. Mud Brick Domical Vault at Dimai in the Faiyum. Roman Period. 373. Mud Brick Temples in Western Desert Oases. Roman Period. 373A. Mud Brick Temples at Kharga Oasis. Varied Roofing. Roman Period. 374. Standard Roman Burnt Brick Forms. 375. Burnt Brick Façade with Architectural Ornament at Ostia.

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