Analogy: A Study of Qualification and Argument in Theology by Humphrey Palmer (auth.)

By Humphrey Palmer (auth.)

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Why (it may be asked) kick up all this dust about religious terminology? Theologians may have their technical terms, but preachers and teachers use ordinary language, and mean exactly what they say. They teach the faith "once delivered to the saints", and they need no philosophical theories or logical apologies for doing so. A few intellectuals who have lost or mislaid their faith may try to quiet their consciences by explaining away the creed in a III. ANALOGY AND ARGUMENTS 21 haze of qualifications and re-definitions.

It is very difficult to keep them separate. 15 Looking around at twentieth-century Protestant Christianity we can give a concrete reply to this initial objection. It is just not true today that everyone except philosophers accepts religious statements in their ordinary sense. It would be nearer the truth, in our society, to say that the ordinary man does not take them in any sense at all. He is so used to the idea of church as a special sort of place in which rather special people say special things in a very special sort of voice that he rarely attends to anything they say.

Once he had explained that he was just now using it to mean 'there's a nice knock-down argument for you', Alice had no puzzle left, though she might still get confused by trying to take a well-known word in a sense distant, complex, and unfamiliar. 19 Definition by stipulation is not an arbitrary power used by some speakers to impose their terms on us, but a public institution for the defence of our linguistic currency. Under this convention any hearer may challenge a speaker to define his terms, and require him to stick thereafter to the sense defined.

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