America in So Many Words: Words That Have Shaped America by David K. Barnhart

By David K. Barnhart

The USA in such a lot of phrases offers a different and engaging old view of this country's language. It chronicles, yr via yr, the contributions we've made to the vocabulary of English and the phrases now we have embraced because the country has developed. From canoe (1555), and corn (1608), to beginner (1993), and Ebonics (1997), a fashionable observe for almost each year within the background of our state is analyzed and mentioned in its ancient context. the result's an attractive survey of yankee linguistic tradition during the centuries. The authors - either lifelong scholars of yankee English - deliver a very good intensity of figuring out to the phrases that experience made the state and the language what they're this day.

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The barber supposedly put a pumpkin shell over the head of a New England colonist and cut along the shell's edges to trim the hair into the proper Puritan shape.  And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned.  11:13­16).  In another century or two, schoolchildren were learning about the landing of the original Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. Some images in the original hard copy book are not available for inclusion in the netLibrary eBook.

An 1882 book on women's education refers to "the Alumnae and Alumni of Oberlin," the first college that was coeducational (1881, another American word). " In England nowadays the term is more commonly apple tart.  brought up our Bark to the great Rock of Niagara, ... " Before this the inhabitants of a colony had been called PLANTERS (1619), adventurers, the company, or more recently SETTLERS (1695). Use of the new word colonist went along with the growing importance and prosperity of the individual as opposed to the earlier emphasis on the concerns of the colony as a whole.

In 1836, an act of Congress established the Patent Office, headed by a Commissioner of Patents, to issue this kind of patent to inventors.  In England clapboard was used for barrels; the English who became Americans learned to apply it to houses.  But North America abounded with oak too, and the first cargo shipped from Jamestown back to England at the start of the settlement in 1607 included clapboard for this purpose.  This style was so successful that it has remained in use to the present for all kinds of American housing, even where winter insulation is not needed.

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