Ambition, Federalism, and Legislative Politics in Brazil by David Samuels

By David Samuels

This ebook explores the translation of politicians' occupation pursuits. contributors search to win repeated reelection, within the U.S. apartment of Representatives and political scientists have assumed that reelection motivates politicians far and wide. notwithstanding, politicians in Brazil see the nationwide legislature as a stepping-stone to "higher" workplace, in kingdom and/or neighborhood executive. Making the precise assumption approximately politicians' occupation ambitions ends up in a greater knowing of the political techniques. This publication improves on earlier "rational selection" analyses by way of learning political profession targets and exploring real-world implications.

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44 Love writes that during the Estado Novo, “states conserved important powers and continued to innovate, above all in terms of social policy. And ironically, fiscal federalism continued” (1993, 180). In short, a great deal of continuity characterized the Vargas era, despite the growth of the central government and formal political centralization. When Vargas left the scene in 1945, decentralization and federalism still characterized many aspects of Brazilian politics. 1945–64: Federalism and the Democratic Experiment.

As Mayhew and other acknowledge, this is an artificial assumption. Nevertheless, I agree with Arnold (1990, 5n), who wrote that “Some legislators may make trade-offs among their goals, incurring small electoral costs in the course of achieving some other important goal. ” But see for example Smith (1979); Hayama (1992); Atkinson and Docherty (1992); Carey (1996); Epstein et al. (1997); Patzelt (1998); F. Santos (1999). 13 14 Ambition, Federalism, and Politics in Brazil 1976; Nunes 1978; A. , Packenham 1990 [1970]; Fleischer 1981; Figueiredo and Limongi 1996; F.

I describe these factors in the following text. The concept of an “opportunity structure” is simple, useful, and sufficiently broad for comparative research. S. House of Representatives. , see Smith 1979 on Mexico and Carey 1996 on Costa Rica), or on national-level legislative careers that are highly influenced by national-party 14 Rohde (1979) argues that whether politicians are risk averse or risk taking also affects the opportunity structure, but for simplicity’s sake I do not discuss this issue.

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