Alternative Energy Systems : Design and Analysis with by M. Godoy Simões

By M. Godoy Simões

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targeting renewable strength functions and basics of induction turbines, this publication presents insurance of assorted features on the topic of the layout, operation, and total research of such Read more...

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The absorbed power of the distribution network in these conditions is necessary to overcome the iron losses. The energy absorbed by the shaft to maintain itself in synchronous rotation is necessary to overcome mechanical friction and air resistance. If the speed is increased, a regenerative action happens, but without supplying energy to the distribution network. This happens when the demagnetizing effect on the current of the rotor is balanced by a stator component capable of supplying core losses.

As a consequence, it allows the use of short circuit power of smaller capacity and cost when compared to the case when only synchronous generators provide all the capacity of the facilities. If the induction generator is self-excited on a stand-alone basis with respect to the distribution network, a very high load current or a short circuit across its terminals alters the value of the effective exciting capacitance or it may remove it altogether. In that case, there is no excitation possibility; voltage and current collapse immediately to zero.

03. 407 Ω? What would be the turbine torque under these conditions? A 10 hp, Y-connected, 60 Hz, 380 V, 3-phase induction generator is used to drive a small micropower plant. The generator's load is 500 W for a 4 A line current at 1740 rpm. 56 Ω at 75°C. The losses are equal to 28 W. 0 A and V = 380 V. Calculate the output power, the efficiency and the power factor for the given load. If the generator was Δ-connected with the same data as above, what would be the difference in your calculations?

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