Alloying Liquid Metal with Nitrogen from Electric ARC Plasma by V I Lakomskii

By V I Lakomskii

Within the monograph, the writer summarises the consequences got in examine and investigations of the gas-liquid steel process at temperatures commonplace of electrical arc welding and electrometallurgy techniques. particular cognizance is given to the issues of sorption of diatomic homonuclear gases, specifically nitrogen from electrical arc plasma, via steel melts. it truly is proven that once the steel absorbs the gasoline from plasma the procedure doesn't achieve the thermodynamic equilibrium country. Investigations have been performed into methods happening within the gas-plasma layer bordering with the steel. those approaches ascertain the fuel content material of liquid metal.

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52 J/(g·atom·K) was studied, the lowest one has been found in Ref. 13 J/(g·atom·K) for the liquid iron-hydrogen system. 21 J/(g·atom·K). 05 entropy units. 13 entropy units. 34 J/(g·atom·K), respectively. From these facts, it transpires that the experimental values of the standard partial entropy of hydrogen dissolved in liquid metals are quite close to the theoretical ones. Some erroneous experimental results can be found in Table 1. 93. When calculating the theoretical value , it was suggested that the *For calculations.

Here, as well as in case of isobar the temperature is an independent invariable, the function being the gas pressure in the gas phase. Page 21 The isoconcentrate equation has been obtained by converting the general equation (18) Further transformations using the equations (10) and (12) lead to a simple form In the coordinates ln the isoconcentrate has the form of a straight line bypassing the origin of the coordinates. The enthalpy value of gas dissolution in metal can be evaluated by the inclination of this line to the temperature axis.

4. Changing the relative partial Gibbs' energy of the gas dissolved in metal when passing from dilute solution to saturated one. Under conditions, when , value approaches asymptotically to a certain constant value representing a heat quantity being released in isothermal dissolving 1 mole of the gas in an infinitely large volume of liquid metal. 52 Thus, the thermal effect of a gas dissolution process in liquid metal obeying Henry's law is constant and is independent of the concentration of the latter.

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