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14 Clearly the turbulence of the times militated against small and specialized studies without surface relevance; it begged for syntheses of bracing illumination. Kaufmann provided just that: a multivalent work brimming with originality and polemics, both sprawling and schematic, detailed and dogmatic. At its core, Exile and Alienation delivered a brief for the centrality of Judaism as religion in understanding the fate of the Jews. Against Wellhausen he argued for the antiquity, superiority, and universal thrust of biblical monotheism; against Dubnov and Ahad Ha-am he propounded the thesis that Judaism alone, and not gentile hatred or a reified national will to survive, accounted for the remarkable preservation of Jewish national consciousness in exile.

Pinson (Philadelphia, 1958), p. 339. 11. , p. 340. 12. Salo W. Baron, History and Jewish Historians (Philadelphia, 1964), p. xiv. '3 Probably his finest work and surely still the best on the subject, Baron's comprehensive treatment is inconceivable without Dubnov's example and preparation. As in other areas, Baron, the product of extensive academic training in Vienna, solidified, enlarged upon, and corrected initiatives taken by Dubnov, who had himself been denied all access to a Russian university education, but was gifted with fine historical instincts, fierce self-discipline, and a facile pen.

Salo Wittmayer Baron, The Jewish Community:Its History and Structure to the American Revolution, 3 vols. (Philadelphia, 1948). 14. Yehezkel Kaufmann, Golah ve-Nekhar, 4 vols. (Tel Aviv, 1929-32). 44 ISMAR SCHORSCH national redemption because Jews, by and large, still refused to convert. So Kaufmann became a Zionist, but not one wedded to the land of Israel, where the Arab nation, already in the throes of a national revival, would deny Jews the ethnic supremacy crucial to ending their state of exile.

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