Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion by Brian J. Cantwell

By Brian J. Cantwell

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At a given altitude τ λ is determined by maximum temperature constraints on the hot section materials of the engine as well as fuel chemistry and gas dissociation. 14 bjc Optimization of the ideal ramjet cycle the thrust also goes to zero. As the flight Mach number increases for fixed τ λ the fuel flow must decrease until τ λ = τ r when fuel shut-off occurs and the thrust is again zero. A typical thrust plot is shown below. 12 Ramjet thrust The optimization question is; at what Mach number should the ramjet operate for maximum thrust at a fixed τ λ ?

5) is still preserved and the exit Mach number remains one. Let the burner outlet temperature be increased to T t4 = 2100°K . The flow now looks something like this. 8 Step 5 - Increase the heat addition to produce some thrust. 5) is preserved. Note that we now have some thrust arising from the x-component of the high pressure behind the shock which acts to the left on a portion of the inlet surface. This pressure exceeds the inlet pressure on the corresponding upstream portion of the inlet surface.

The velocity ratio remains the same and since the Mach numbers do not change the product P e A e remains constant. Note that the thrust decreases. 47) is constant but the right term increases leading to a decrease in thrust. If A e is decreased, the reverse happens, the inlet operates more efficiently and the thrust goes up. But remember, the amount by which the area can be decreased is limited by the Mach number of the inlet throat. 18 bjc Example - Ramjet with unstarted inlet Fuel flow control Now, suppose T te is decreased with A e constant.

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