Air Bubble Entrainment in Free-Surface Turbulent Shear Flows by Hubert Chanson

By Hubert Chanson

Content material:

, Pages xiii-xvi,I-IV

, Page xvii
About the author

, Page xviii
List of symbols

, Pages xix-xxix

, Pages xxxi-xlix
Chapter 1 - Introduction

, Pages 2-16
Chapter 2 - Mechanisms of air bubble entrainment

, Pages 17-26
Chapter three - Similitude and experimental studies

, Pages 27-35
Chapter four - Air-water fuel transfer

, Pages 36-41
Chapter five - Plunging jet flows: Presentation

, Pages 44-52
Chapter 6 - Air entrainment through plunging jets

, Pages 53-72
Chapter 7 - Air entrainment in hydraulic jumps

, Pages 73-92
Chapter eight - Air entrainment in plunging jet flows: similar circumstances and gasoline transfer

, Pages 93-101
Chapter nine - Self-aerated flows-presentation

, Pages 104-109
Chapter 10 - Air entrainment in steep chute flows

, Pages 110-132
Chapter eleven - Air entrainment in small-slope waterways

, Pages 133-143
Chapter 12 - Air entrainment in partially-filled conduits

, Pages 144-152
Chapter thirteen - Air entrainment in open channels: Discussion

, Pages 153-164
Chapter 14 - creation to high-velocity water jets discharging into the ambience and ventilated hollow space flows

, Pages 166-173
Chapter 15 - Air entrainment in high-velocity water jets

, Pages 174-188
Chapter sixteen - Ventilated hollow space flows

, Pages 189-199
Chapter 17 - Spillway program: Aeration devices

, Pages 200-214
Chapter 18 - precis: Air bubble diffusion in shear flows

, Pages 216-234
Chapter 19 - Conclusion

, Pages 235-238

, Pages 239-261
Appendix A - Constants and fluid properties

, Pages 263-270
Appendix B - Unit conversions

, Pages 271-273
Appendix C - Bubble upward thrust velocity

, Pages 274-277
Appendix D - Sound celerity in two-phase (gas-liquid) flow

, Pages 278-280
Appendix E - Air bubble diffusion at plunging water jets

, Pages 281-288
Appendix F - attribute parameters of boundary layer

, Pages 289-292
Appendix G - Air focus distributions in self-aerated flows

, Pages 293-303
Appendix H - Air-water stream in partially-filled pipes

, Pages 304-306
Appendix I - Air focus distributions in water jets discharging into the atmosphere

, Pages 307-315
Appendix J - Jet trajectory calculations

, Pages 316-322
Appendix ok - Air bubble measurement distribution characteristics

, Pages 323-326
Appendix L - Air-water movement as mentioned through Leonardo da Vinci

, Pages 327-329
Appendix M - Corrections

, Pages 330-331
Index of authors

, Pages 333-337
Subject index

, Pages 339-348

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The decelerated fluid particles are forced outwards and the boundary layer is separated from the wall. At the point of separation, the velocity gradient normal to the wall is zero : Separation point : in a boundary layer, intersection of the solid boundary with the streamline dividing the separation zone and the deflected outer flow. The separation point is a stagnation point. Sewage : refiised liquid or waste matter carried off by sewers. It may be a combination of water-carried wastes from residences and industries together with ground water, surface water and storm water.

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