After Their Vows by Michelle Reid

By Michelle Reid

Damaged vows do not inevitably suggest a damaged marriage...Angie de Calvhos intended each observe of the vows she shared with husband Roque on the altar. Pity he did not go back her sincerity...Expecting happy-ever-after, as an alternative Angie chanced on herself dealing with a mortifyingly public separation! Now, divorce papers in hand, Angie has ultimately equipped up the braveness to place an finish to her time as a de Calvhos spouse as soon as and for all. yet she's forgotten the magnetic pull that devilish Roque possesses. And that damaged vows do not inevitably suggest a damaged marriage...

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My friends used to envy me for having such a gorgeous sister. They’d fight each other for a chance to meet you. Then Roque came along turned you inside out. ’ His face was hot with anger now. ‘He was a selfish, arrogant, superior swine who wanted to rule over you like a tyrant. ’ There was a bit too much truth in that part for Angie to argue with it. Roque had demanded her exclusive attention. In fact Roque had been demanding all round— her attention, first call on her loyalty, the full extent of her desire for him focused on him between the sheets … ‘Now you work at a lousy reception job for the same modelling agency that used to roll out the red carpet every time you walked into it.

She demanded in a hurt, bewildered voice. Her long, slender frame so taut that it trembled, her hands clenched into white-knuckled fists at her sides, she might sound bewildered and hurt, but she still had enough spirit left in her to fling back her head, Roque noted dryly as, within the circle of light from the overhead desk light, he watched her shimmer like a firecracker about to go off. Without needing to think about his answer, he went with his instincts and strode around that light pool until he was standing directly in front of her—towering over her as intimidating as hell.

She’d stood for hours while designers fitted their creations to her long slender figure, or posed in front of cameras for glossy fashion shoots— and she had willingly accepted every single second of it, coveting the money she earned so she could keep Alex safe in his boarding school environment. Her proudest achievement, in Angie’s view, had been ensuring that Alex never missed out on a single thing his more privileged schoolfriends enjoyed doing. When he’d won a place at Cambridge she’d felt as pleased and as proud as any parent could, and she’d done it all without once being tempted to take on debt.

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