A Winter's Wedding by Sharon Owens

By Sharon Owens

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Yes? But if you’d rather not go on a date with me, then maybe we can still be friends – or, at least, acquaintances? I mean, I’d really like to stay in touch with you. ’ ‘Well, that’d be lovely. ’ Dylan said, detecting a hint of reticence in Emily’s voice. ‘Sylvia can chaperone us. As you can see, she’s a real no-nonsense sort. She won’t put up with any funny business, so I won’t be pouncing on you or anything. Not unless you want me to,’ he added playfully. For a moment Emily was terrified. She’d love to go on a date with Dylan.

And was it better to be safe and stuck or vulnerable and free? A life coach would have described Emily as a butterfly. But was she a cowardly butterfly that was going to remain safely in her little glass box for ever? Or was she going to bravely take flight up into the bright blue sky, with all the possibilities – both good and bad – that might await her there? Emily closed the door again and went to bed. She listened to the radio for company and was glad she hadn’t told Dylan she’d be on her own for Christmas.

It’s just that I’m not very good at knowing what to say in these situations. And you know what happened with me and Alex, what a total and absolute fiasco that was. Right up until the wedding was cancelled, I thought he was the love of my life. ’ ‘I think you’re very wise, actually,’ Arabella said kindly. ‘But I’d die if you took any heed of my opinion and then it turned out to be the wrong thing to do, that’s all,’ Emily said. ‘That’s okay, darling, I do understand. You’ve had your own troubles, nobody can say you haven’t.

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