A study of war, vol. 1 by Quincy Wright

By Quincy Wright

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German Bombers of WWI in action

''''''German Bombers of WWI In motion

A POW's Memoir of the First World War: The Other Ordeal (Legacy of the Great War)

This lyrical memoir deals a clean glance contained in the trauma of conflict and captivity through the First international struggle, with resonance for contemporary international. Georges Connes used to be a tender literature graduate while he used to be drafted and served within the notorious and bloody conflict of Verdun. A survivor, he used to be captured by way of the Germans in June 1916 and have become a prisoner of warfare till his repatriation in January 1919.

The Germans At Beaumont Hamel (Battleground Somme)

Beaumont Hamel is a reputation which inspires appalling visions of the catastrophic opposite suffered by way of males of VIII Corps, British Fourth military on 1st July 1916, whilst hundreds of thousands of fellows have been killed and wounded for no profits whatever. 90 years on, the occasions of that day nonetheless exert a strong fascination for these attracted to the good trench battles.

Above the Trenches: A Complete Record of the Fighter Aces and Units of the British Empire Air Forces, 1915-1920

The main entire ebook written at the aces of the British Empire struggling with scouts devices in the course of international battle I, covers British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African and American pilots who have been concerned, has over 800 biographies of person scouts with their complete background, there's additionally an inventory of aces among gunners, bomber and Corps pilots.

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E. Spaulding, H. Nickerson, J. W. Wright, Warfare (London, 1924); C. ; London, 1924); Letourneau, op. ; see below, chap. vii. U ,. Printing, it has been claimed, "is the medium which turned the darkness of the middle ages into light; which secured to posterity the intellectual achievements of the past; and which furnished to civilization a means of recording all future progress" R. ]). Its importance in creating a world-civilization is emphasized by Marshall, op. , p. 179, James Westfall a· ORIGIN OF WAR 33 the world have been brought within the orbit of continuous worldcontact through printed communication.

This theory is supported by the extreme "difiusionist" or "historical" school of anthropology represented by W. H. R. Rivers14 and G. Elliot Smith'S and has been most elaborated by W. J. '6 These writers contend that war was invented in predynastic Egypt, along with agriculture, social classes, and human sacrifice. This "archaic" civilization was difiused by widespread travels of the Egyptians during the pyramid-building age. The nomadic barbarians on the outskirts of this civilization learned war from it and developed war methods in attacks upon its centers.

To make study possible, however, it is necessary to abstract from this total reality the fields which seem most profitable to cultivate at the moment. This can be done, first, by drawing boundaries to delimit blocks of time and space which are sufficiently isolated so that, without unreasonable negligence, attention can be confined to circumstances within each. This process constitutes the writing of history. Second, the total situation may be analyzed within these blocks so as to identify the factors and to describe the interactions which produce the oscillations of war and peace.

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