50 Great Myths About Religions by John Morreall

By John Morreall

50 nice Myths approximately Religions is an fascinating, informative, and infrequently funny creation to a few of the lengthy status myths that encompass spiritual trust. This attractive ebook gets its readers brooding about how and why definite myths have arisen, and their carrying on with effect on our own and collective view of religion.
Offers a full of life, informative, and thought-provoking  creation to a few of the typical misbeliefs surrounding religions

  • Discusses myths approximately spiritual trust normally, in addition to particular rules that encompass Judaism, Christianity, Islam, atheism, and agnosticism
  • Covers a variety of myths, from old legends corresponding to the Bible forbidding beef being eaten since it explanations disease, to trendy city fables, comparable to Barack Obama being a Muslim
  • Unpacks each one fable in flip, explaining why it arose, how it...

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    Unitarian Universalists May Believe Whatever They Want 7 Myths About Eastern Traditions Introduction 1. Hinduism Is a Single Religious Tradition 2. Hinduism Promotes the Caste System 3. Hindus Worship Idols 4. Buddha Is a God for Buddhists 5. The Laughing Buddha (Budai, Ho-Ti) Is Buddha 8 Myths About Nonbelievers Introduction 1. Nonbelievers Are Ignorant about Religion 2. Nonbelievers Have no Basis for Morality 3. Without Religious Belief, Life Has No Purpose 4. Atheism Is Just as Much a Matter of Faith as Religion Is Bonus Myths 1.

    Actually, however, this compartmentalization of religion is not found in all societies today, and was not found anywhere before 1500. Many languages do not even have a word equivalent to our word “religion,” nor is such a word found in either the Bible or the Qur’an. And no indigenous tribe in the Americas, for example, talks about “religion” as something distinct from the rest of life. According to many historians, the concept religion was first used in Europe in the 1500s as a way to distinguish between the domain of church authority and that of civil authorities.

    If God is not described as nonmaterial in the Bible, it’s no surprise that angels or devils are not described as such, either. ” When they met Lot in Sodom, they ate dinner together and then “the men of the city . . surrounded the house; and they called to Lot, ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight? ’” (19:1–5). These are clearly not “spiritual” beings. The New Testament, too, has passages that encourage us to think of angels and men as interchangeable. The four Gospels say that when Mary Magdalen and the other women went to the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning, they were told by someone that he had been raised.

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