3D visualization of weather radar data by Ernvik, Aron

By Ernvik, Aron

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Cirrus clouds are excessive, skinny, tropospheric clouds composed predominately of ice. within the final ten years, huge paintings has proven that cirrus is widespread--more universal than formerly believed--and has an important effect on weather and international switch. because the subsequent new release climate satellites are being designed, the impression of cirrus on distant sensing and the worldwide power finances needs to be well-known and accommodated.

Controlling Climate Change

An independent and accomplished review, in keeping with the findings of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on weather Change). utilizing no jargon, it seems at tackling and adapting to man-made weather swap, and works in the course of the frequently complicated power recommendations. Bert Metz is the previous co-chair of the IPCC, on the middle of overseas weather swap negotiations.

Arctic climate impact assessment

The Arctic is now experiencing essentially the most fast and serious weather switch in the world. Over the following a hundred years, weather switch is predicted to speed up, contributing to significant actual, ecological, social, and financial alterations, a lot of that have already began. adjustments in arctic weather also will have an effect on the remainder of the area via elevated international warming and emerging sea degrees.

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For each point in the output dataset, the closest input points are weighted together to form the value that is stored in the output point. e. closer input points conribute more than points that are farther away from the current output point. The equation used is as follows: n F ( x, y, z ) = ∑ wi fi i=1 30 of 76 (Eq 21) where n is the number of input points, fi are the values at the input points, and wi are the weight functions assigned to each input point. One common way to define the latter is: –p hi w i = ----------------n ∑ (Eq 22) –p hj j=1 where p is a positive number called the power parameter.

Please note that this is not the same thing as ray tracing, even though the two techniques are similar. In ray tracing, each ray is followed when it bounces on shiny objects. Very realistic scenes can be rendered using this technology. 8 on page 41) and the resulting colour is given to the pixel from which the ray originates. Figure 18. Perspective ray casting. Modern ray casting The computers of today typically have 256 megabytes of ram memory and hard drives to store several gigabytes of data.

Isosurfaces, cutting planes and vad profiles (see Chapter 3) are examples of objects that should all be possible to include in a visualization scene - simultaneously. The user should be able to add, manipulate and remove objects through a graphical interface. Python is a language that supports object-oriented programming. By using object-oriented techniques, the basic design is quite straightforward. It is shown in Figure 21. Figure 21. Basic system design. "OLD" RAVE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE MAIN GUI CUTTING PLANE MANAGER TOPOGRAPHY MANAGER CUTTING PLANE TOPOGRAPHY ...

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