2D Materials by Francesca Iacopi, John J. Boeckl and Chennupati Jagadish

By Francesca Iacopi, John J. Boeckl and Chennupati Jagadish (Eds.)

2D Materials includes the newest info at the present frontier of nanotechnology, the thinnest kind of fabrics to ever happen in nature. a bit over 10 years in the past, this used to be a very unknown zone, no longer concept to exist. even if, considering then, graphene has been remoted and acclaimed, and a complete different category of atomically skinny fabrics, ruled through floor results and exhibiting thoroughly unforeseen and amazing houses has been created.

This publication is perfect for numerous readers, together with these looking a high-level assessment or a truly distinct and demanding research. No nanotechnologist can at present omit this new classification of materials.

  • Presents one of many first special books in this topic of nanotechnology
  • Contains contributions from a good line-up of authoritative individuals that collect concept and experiments
  • Ideal for numerous readers, together with these looking a high-level review or a really distinctive and significant analysis

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